To Our Incoming Freshmen!

It’s your first day of college. You’re either thinking, “Finally, I am so happy this day is here!!!” or “What am I going to do now?? I am all on my own in a new place and no idea where to start or how to do this…” Or maybe you are thinking a little bit of both. Either way, you are going to be perfectly fine. We are here to help you and know what it is like. (In case you were wondering, my first day I was excited but also a little bit on the “what am I going to do now” side.) We are all told that college is where we find ourselves and figure out what we want our career to look like. However, for some that doesn’t happen right away, while for others it does. Everyone’s college experience is going to be completely different because we are all completely different people. I want to share some advice that I learned my first year in college. This may or may not help you, but it’s always a start.

Which brings me to my first tip, START. Whether it is that project that is looming over you or just four math problems, the first thing you need to do is start. Staring at the project or paper is not going to get you anywhere. Even if it is a rough start, the beginning is always going to change. The first step is just to begin and surprisingly enough, it will come together. Ideas and problems will transform but just ignoring the assignment will get you nowhere.

Next, I recommend to keep a TO-DO LIST or CALENDAR of some sort. Last semester, I went a little crazy and had something like two to-do lists and three or four calendars with due dates…. Hey, it felt good to be able to cross off the same thing three times after just completing one task. Do whatever works for you! By having a calendar of due dates for all of your classes, your stress levels will go down and college won’t seem nearly as overwhelming.

Okay, now to the topic you all like to hear about. FOOD. Don’t waste your meal swipes. You will wish you hadn’t when you’re having to buy groceries and make meals on your own after freshman year. Luckily, they still allow you to buy meal plans for those of us who haven’t quite figured out the whole cooking thing…. Also, never turn down free food… well if it is from someone trustworthy.

Being in majors that are linked to ACE (Academic Center for Excellence), we have an awesome support system. The faculty and staff are always here to assist us, whether it is in our classes or just life in general. Trust me, you will really appreciate the faculty and staff. So get to know them and our community because we have a pretty special one.

post1Last, but definitely not least, BE YOURSELF. You are at a new school where there are a ton of new faces. Realizing that making every single person in the world happy with you and like you is a difficult and unrewarding task. We will run into people who we may not agree with or may not agree with us but it’s part of the learning process. This is just a fact of life. Be mature. Be open to ideas. Be respectful. Treat yourself with respect and enjoy life. Enjoy being you because you are the only you there is.

I am always here to help or talk to, so if you need anything, let me know! Don’t forget to smile, everything is going to be alright:)

-Becca Randolph-