Hey Everyone!

Welcome to Lost & Found, our brand new advising blog through the Advising Center for Excellence (ACE).

Whether you stumbled on here completely by accident or are trying to gain as much knowledge about college before it actually hits you in the face, we’re glad you found us!

If I’ve managed to maintain your interest so far, you are probably wondering what Lost & Found is all about and what is with all the acronyms around here (ENVD, ENVS, ACE etc.) We are proud to present Lost & Found to you as the first student centered blog catering to all students who are a part of ACE.

ACE is the Advising Center for Excellence and as a student in Environmental Design, Environmental Studies, or Geography your advising staff is housed in this advising pod found on campus.

Feel free to explore the rest of our blog site, get to know your bloggers, Peer Advisors and Advisors as well as read through a couple of our other blogs about surviving your first week as newly independent CU Buff!

Every Monday and Friday check out a new blog post to get updates on tips and tricks to being successful here at CU as well as ways to get more involved with your individual major!

Take some time to look around and Welcome to ACE!

Hope to find you here again soon!

-ACE Blogging Team-