DWB BBQ Hits the Semester Strong!

If you have read my bio then you know that one of my favorite aspects of being a student under ACE is our strong sense of community that is built through our various student organizations. One of the amazing student groups I am involved in is DWB or Designers Without Boundaries through the Diverse Scholars Program. This group, led by Outreach & Recruitment Coordinator and Advisor Alea Richmond Akins, has allowed me to meet students from other years and get to know people that have similar journeys as me. Our group has multiple team bonding events throughout the semester from community service events to potlucks.

This last Friday after a long, draining first week of classes, I got to relax and destress at DWB’s first event, a BBQ. Now I, like everyone else at the BBQ, was a little nervous to attend an event where I wasn’t sure who was going to be there or if there would be awkward forced social interaction. Even as an upperclassman it can be intimidating walking into a room of some unfamiliar faces. Much to my delight, this event was very laid back and had a very positive, inclusive atmosphere. We dug into the food right away where our conversations came naturally over the pulled pork and cornbread muffins to die for. Although I have been to multiple DWB events over the years this one was a night I wouldn’t soon forget!


As we got into the program of the night, prizes were handed out left and right which boosted our competitiveness and helped us form strong teams for different games we played. After the human knot, we all got to take prom-worthy photos with the backdrop and fun props DWB supplied for us. Everyone got a chance to take silly photos with their friends and teams, giving us a sense of belonging and some amazing memories. We ended the night with a heated game of Pictionary where both teams supported their own team fiercely. This DWB event was the perfect ending to a stressful first week of school. It reminded me why I love being involved in the different programs our majors have to offer. DWB is a great program for anyone who wants to get connected and anyone can apply to be in. Please email Alea.Richmond@colorado.edu if you are interested in being involved with any of the amazing DWB events!

Until next time!