First-Year Frenzy

With the first week of classes starting, anxiety levels are at an all-time high. The to do list seems to get longer and longer as we process which supplies need to be purchased and where our classes are on our campus, which only contributes to the challenges a new school year creates.  It is easy to get overwhelmed whether you are first-year student adapting to campus life or a returning student readjusting to a new schedule. Although the process of starting class can be incredibly flustering, there is one thing in particular that all students should keep in mind: IT WILL BE OK!

It is logical for students to be overwhelmed with embarking on their academic journey and pursuing a professional career, but their are numerous methods that can be utilized to combat the anxiety. Through my experience as a first year Environmental Studies major, I have gained some insight that can assist you in obtaining a comfortable and purposeful academic journey.

Perhaps the most effective form of reducing school-related stress is selecting relevant courses that are of enjoyable subject matter. This cannot be stressed enough. Although there are specific degree requirements that must be met, meaning that some classes must simply be dealt with no matter what, the ENVS department does a great job of providing a range of flexibility that allows students to select from a wide selection of enjoyable classes. For example, instead of being weighed down by multiple required science classes, I was able to fulfill a core requirement by taking a yoga class. This way, it was possible for me to move forward with my degree while simultaneously taking an enjoyable and less stressful class.

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Trust me, the first-year college experience is not near as enjoyable when your schedule consists of strictly calculus, economics, and science. That is why CU is intentional about allowing us to taking elective credits as a graduation requirement because it is important we take advantage of classes that are just fun. Learning is meant to be a pleasurable experience, and I firmly believe that a well-balanced schedule can contribute to strong academic progression. The flexibility of this program allows you to start your year with a variety of science classes, ranging from geology to biology and chemistry, as well as the introductory level ENVS course. This diversity creates an enjoyable academic experience, since you can select from these courses based on personal preference.

By keeping these options in mind when starting your adventure at CU, you should be fully capable of creating and maintaining a positive and memorable academic background. It is for these reasons that I have found the ENVS department at CU to be extremely pertinent to the interests and needs of its students. Lastly, remember to stay strong and stay calm this semester, and all will be fine.

Best of luck!