5 Reasons Why Attending the Rocky Mountain Showdown is a Must Every Year

Any CU Boulder student knows that CSU is our arch nemesis, and since 1893, our respective football teams go head-to-head in a thrilling rivalry game.  Between homework and extracurricular activities, it can be difficult to find time to relax, and being a broke college student usually means that football tickets aren’t in the budget.  Despite this, the Rocky Mountain Showdown is the one game that your time and money will be worth spending for these five reasons:

  1. Watch Ralphie Run

The school mascot, Ralphie the Buffalo, runs across the field before every game begins and again at halftime.  It is definitely the coolest college tradition of any football game -watching the Ralphie runners chase Ralphie across the turf.

  1. The People

If you’re from Colorado, like me, playing against CSU is the best because you get to see all of your friends that decided to go to Fort Collins for school, and it’s a fun reunion.  

Also, if you attend the game, sitting in the student section makes it ten times more exciting because you see tons of students from your classes cheering for a team that you love.

  1. The Golden Buffalo Marching Band

“FIGHT CU DOWN THE FIELD, CU MUST WIN!”  The CU marching band’s performance at the Rocky Mountain Showdown impresses me beyond belief.  They play nearly the entire game to pump up the fans and celebrate after touchdowns.  During halftime, the band covers the field and forms the shape of a buffalo and the CU logo, all while continuing to play their hearts out.   


The Stadium

As many of you know, the Showdown is held at the Mile High Sports Authority Field, which is where the Broncos play in Denver..  The stadium is HUGE, and if you are really into the game, like my friends and I are, you are almost guaranteed to be on the jumbotron at least once during the game.

The Spirit

Even though I am not a big sports person, the Rocky Mountain Showdown is worth my time and money, and any CU students’ time and money, because of the school spirit present.  Everyone at the game is decked out in buffs gear from head-to-toe.  There is so much energy and pride for CU in the stands.      

My two friends and I at the 2016 Rocky Mountain Showdown!

As a CU Student,  the Rocky Mountain Showdown is an event that is definitely worth attending every year, even as a busy college student.  Having pride for your university and sharing that excitement with your fellow buffs at the game is an unforgettable memory that everyone should experience and it will help you understand why we are proud to be #ForeverBuffs.