Top Spots to Study, According to a Senior

When I first got to CU Boulder I was in awe.  The campus was massive and every building looked the same. Now entering my fourth year, I know my way around campus pretty well, and I’ve figured out the best places to relax and study. Whether you are looking for a nice quiet place to hunker down and memorize physics equations or you’re looking for a bright, sunny place outside to read a book for your English class, these next three places will have you covered. The first step to finding the right place to study is to know how you like to study. I personally need to have music playing in an environment with anything but florescent lighting, which is definitely a challenge.

The first place on my study spot list is the Center for Community (C4C). We all know this as the place to get food on campus but it is so much more. The benefits of this study spot are endless. You can go in on a Sunday morning to get your breakfast burrito and find a cozy spot in the Italian section to study. The C4C is massive but the best place to study is the Italian section. With carpeted floors and plenty of wall outlets, it’s the prime place for a Sunday study session. You also get unlimited food and drinks for the whole time you are there. Need a quick snack? Grab some cereal. The C4C is definitely my favorite place to work on homework with a group or work on something that doesn’t require a super quiet place to focus.


The second spot I would recommend is the third floor of the Norlin Library. I’m personally not one who usually studies in the library but when I do, I go to the third floor. There are small personal desks with walls that allow you to isolate yourself and get stuff done. When I’m studying for a difficult test or something complicated, (i.e. physics) this is the place to be. If you chose the library to be your place, be sure to get there early, especially as the semester goes on. The library fills up fast but if you get yourself a good spot, you are set for a day of learning and productivity.

The last place on my study spot list is my room. I study and do most of my homework in my room most of the time. While it can be a challenge to keep focused, I find that it makes my life a lot easier, and I’m usually a lot more productive. If you need anything it’s right there, and you can wear whatever you want. When you go to the C4C or the library, you have to dress at least somewhat socially acceptable. In your room, however, you have no one to impress, except maybe a fish or two.

Over my years here at CU, I have found that studying is a must, but finding the right place to do it is a challenge. Hopefully with these few recommendations, you can find the perfect spot to study and be successful in your college career. My last bit of advice, snacks are going to be your best friend but try to balance savory and sweet. I myself love anything sweet so I struggle with this but you will thank yourself later when you have avoided cavities.