Student Groups in ENVD

Being involved in a student group through Environmental Design (ENVD) is the best! Whether you’re interested in joining an extracurricular activity on campus or something a little bit smaller, I highly recommend being involved in an activity that can help you branch out and meet new people who are interested in some of the same things as you.

I personally think that ENVD offers incredible opportunities to get involved through our five main student groups – Environmental Design Student Government (EDSG), American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS), Student Association of Landscape Architects (SALA), American Planning Association Student Chapter (APAS), and Designers Without Boundaries (DWB). Because the ENVD major is smaller, we are a very tight-knit bunch, and the groups work very closely with each other to accomplish awesome events and tasks for the program.

EDSG recently hosted Taco Tuesday, with Qdoba catering and the movie Nacho Libre, as a big welcome back to school. This group puts on events throughout the year to encourage students to do activities outside of studio semi-regularly. Winterfest is another one of EDSG’s  bigger events that is typically heldin November/December, which includes gingerbread building competitions, lots of hot chocolate, apple cider, and watching Elf! One of my personal favorite events.

AIAS puts on many events for the students, and they are  constantly busy! Between firm tours, dinner with an architect, and movie nights, there is always something fun to join. Forum is one of the main conferences that the students attend every year, and – last year it was held in San Francisco over New Years Eve. Everyone had an absolute blast!

SALA is involved in incredible community outreach and networking, and has such a positive impact on environmental activities! Some of their annual events include tree plantings, lunch/dinner with a landscape architect, and other community events that revitalize neighborhoods and communities. This student group is awesome for networking, and it’s a great opportunity for some community service!

APAS is one of our smaller student groups in ENVD but it’s still one of the best! My favorite event that APAS is best known for is Pumpkins for Munchkins, in which they carve Halloween pumpkins with elementary school children from the Boulder community. How cute is that? On top of this, they also attend an annual forum, which will be held in New York this year.i\It’s an incredible opportunity to network and meet professional planners  who can give you \ advice about the real world!

Last but not least, Designers Without Boundaries (DWB) rocks! They are super involved in community service and outreach events. From neighborhood clean-ups to helping in local schools, DWB is focused not only on building community with their peers but also training students to be leaders in their communities.  DWB (which is a scholarship-based student group) is a fantastic way to get involved with other students and get to know some new faces!

This Thursday, October 27 at 6:30 PM in ENVD 134, all of the student groups will be coming together to host \ a huge Halloween party for ENVD! We want to make this a massive, fun time for everyone, and one of the biggest events that Environmental Design has ever seen. This event will featuring a costume contest, a team pumpkin carving competition, a “Hocus Pocus’ movie, TONS of food and, of course, candy! This party will be one to remember.

See you there!


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