Environmental Design Student Government Experience

As many of you may know ENVD prides itself in its strong community and ways that students can get involved. We have four amazing student groups that students are able to get involved in through ENVD. They are the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS), Student Association of Landscape Architecture (SALA), American Planning Association of Students (APAS), and last, but certainly not least the Environmental Design Student Government (EDSG).

Coming into ENVD as a freshman, I remember being very nervous about making friends and where I could find support through school as well as get involved. Since I was unsure about what design emphasis I wanted to go into, EDSG seemed like the perfect fit for me. I was not disappointed. EDSG allowed me to get to know upperclassmen in ENVD that were able to help me through projects and direct me where the best place was to buy cheaper supplies. It was also a great opportunity for me to give back to my peers in ENVD and the program that I loved. I was able to do this through helping plan fun events for students and give input into how we should handle our budget to better benefit the students. I also loved getting to be a voice for my class. Many students would know I was in EDSG and give me great suggestions of how to better their experience in ENVD that I could bring back to our weekly meetings.


Some of my favorite events that EDSG plans is our annual movie night, midnight munchies, and the ENVD Gala. Every year we get to plan different movies and food for students to enjoy as well as help decorate ENVD 134 and make it an inviting space for ENVD students to relax, eat, and hang out with their friends. Midnight Munchies are another favorite because it benefits everyone during the midterm and finals weeks as we are hard at work in studio into the late hours of the night. Nothing hits the spot better than warm food after working in studio for hours and giving your brain a well-deserved break. The highlight of planning events in EDSG would have to be the ENVD Gala, held during the spring semester. This gives everyone a chance to dress up and present their best designs to be entered for a contest as well as a time for everyone to socialize and celebrate all of the work we put into the major we love. I love being a part of planning and organizing the events that give back to the students in ENVD and seeing the enjoyment they get out of the many community bonding events we plan throughout the year.

I am so grateful for getting to be involved in a student group as wonderful as EDSG. It gave me a safe, supportive home, freshman year and allowed me to give back to the program that I love so much! I highly encourage you all to check out any or all of our student groups and to attend the amazing events everyone plans! This is just another great aspect of being a student in ACE!

Until next time!