HalloweEN(VD) Community

On Thursday, October 27th, ENVD Student Groups hosted a Halloween Party in ENVD. There were many fun activities as well as lots of food. Many people from the ENVD community were at the Halloween event. We ate delicious food, watched Hocus Pocus, had a costume contest, had a pumpkin carving contest, and mastered the photo booth. Most importantly, we enjoyed time with our ENVD community. Throughout the event, you could look around and see people laughing and having a good time. This is important, especially when we get so loaded down with studio work and homework.

The events that the student groups create can be a great place and time to unwind. The costume contest at the Halloween party was super fun, and someone even dressed up as an X-acto knife! What kind of Halloween (ENVD) event is it without having someone who looks like a very common ENVD tool! My friends and I also carved a pretty awesome pumpkin that we made for our studio professor. We absolutely love our professors, and their advice and presence is always wonderful.


Having the professors from freshman year all the way through senior year, in such a great program, is what creates the bonds that we have with them. As you start signing up for classes for next semester, it is always fun to try to get in a studio that some of your friends are in.  If you can’t, don’t be afraid to branch out and talk to new people in ENVD! I have friends that I wanted to be in studio with this semester, but my schedule didn’t work out for that. However, I have widened my community and friends here in ENVD because of it.

Or try to get a professor who you haven’t really gotten to know yet. All the professors have different teaching styles and different design styles which they prefer. It is nice to experience several in your design experience here in ENVD. At the same time, if you really like a professor and work well with them, get in their studio! Upperclassmen are great to talk to when you want to know more about the upcoming years in ENVD or just what they are involved in. Reach out to them! This is definitely possible at the various ENVD events that are thrown throughout the year.

ENVD has an awesome community. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and talk to the people in your studio. Get advice from them. Hang out over the weekends (doing ENVD projects as well as enjoying Boulder and Colorado). We are reaching out open arms to welcome you to our little community. ☺