Make it or Break it

At this point in time, the fall semester is well underway. In fact, it is more than halfway done, which means a couple of things. For one, fall break is here, meaning that we will have completed 14 weeks of the first semester of this school year. This should be a great time to relax, take your time with any studying you may have, and reflect back on the semester thus far. However, more importantly (and more unfortunately), is the fact that the final exam period will arrive before we know it. I know that most people, including myself, hate to even think about final exams until the last couple weeks of class, but unfortunately this is not the ideal way to navigate through your academics for the current semester. Here are a few easy steps to enter the next few weeks with comfort and confidence.


  1. Step one is to make sure not to worry too much in advance. After all, you’ll still have
    plenty of other school-related projects and work to complete up to this point, so it is important not to forget about these obligations.
  2. Despite this, it is extremely important to remember to keep up with past topics in all classes so that your final exams aren’t complete brain bashers. It is nearly impossible to study all materials for each class, so it is important to prioritize in order to study efficiently. Based on personal experience, studying past exams is one of the best ways to review prior course materials, and I have even known some professors to use questions from midterms word-for-word on the final exam.
  3. Don’t bog yourself down trying to learn every little fact or equation that you might have looked at in the past. Try to set aside a list of main ideas and relevant exam topics that your professor may have discussed or included in a lecture.
  4. If you have any confusion over prior topics or what exactly it is that you should be studying, do not hesitate to contact your professor about it. Maybe think about creating a list of questions for your professor or TA so you don’t forget to cover any difficult material. Also, it is better to do this sooner than later, as more questions may arise and this ensures you have time to go back and clarify on your questions if need be.
  5. Stay positive! Remember that you have fall break coming up so try to keep up with your studies. This will provide you with great relief before the stressful final exam period. In addition, it may not be a bad idea to study (a little) over break. This is a great time since you can chose to work whenever you want and for as long as you want. Make use of this valuable time!

Although the end of the semester is getting close and this period of time can be worrisome, don’t stress too much. Many students like yourself are in a very similar situation, so just know that with hard work and persistence, everything will go just fine.