A Thankful Thursday

This past Thursday was Thanksgiving where many families gathered together to enjoy food, friends and laughter. Whether this was done by devouring  classic turkey and mashed potatoes, going out, or enjoying a delicious vegan meal, I’m sure everyone had something to be thankful for during the holiday. I know for me, fall break and Thanksgiving were a great reminder of all the things I am thankful for in my life. I’m grateful that I attend an amazing university, have great jobs with wonderful co-workers, and I can enjoy amazing friends and family. For this blog, I wanted to take a peek into how our other bloggers spent their fall break, and to hear what they are most thankful for this season.

elysebroadmooreElyse Skinner: “I was excited to partake in my mom and I’s annual tradition of enjoying brunch at the Broadmoor the Sunday before Thanksgiving!”




hannahcatHannah Bennett-Haughey: I am taking a lot of naps with my kitty Lil Sebastian + my parents kitten HotDog. (Not pictured sleeping on a chair next to me is their other cat Angus. It’s like the Mutual of Omaha Wild Kingdom in my room most of the time.) I am thankful that my parents have a fridge full of food, I get to watch movies with my mom + dad, and that I saw my family over the break!”




kyramodelKyra Traxler: “I am thankful for getting a chance to take a break from studio and spend time with some friends and my family this weekend. This relates to my picture of what I have been doing… which is finishing up my studio work so I could actually have that break this weekend!”





winterdogWinter Roybal: “I’m spending my break catching up on studio work and spending time with my dogs and family! I’m thankful for the opportunity to attend university!”






karenandxioKaren Ruszkowski: “This thanksgiving I am hanging with great friends, enjoying good food and watching some quality TV (Grimm). I am thankful for my friends that keep me alive and going.”






tejasboardwalkTejas Srikanth: “Fall break is great because it’s my time to be able to do absolutely nothing. The only thing remotely active I’ve done is walk my dog, who I’m thankful to see after 14 weeks!






willfireWill Downie: “This Thanksgiving, as I have every year since I was born, I spent thanksgiving at my grandparent’s house in Wareham, Massachusetts. I am thankful for being able to spend time with my family and, after a long hike with them, enjoy the warmth of their wood burning stove.”





beccasnowboardBecca Randolph: There are many things that I am thankful for, but the most important one is my family. They are always there for me, and my parents and younger two brothers are my best friends! They support me through the hard times and the better times. I know that I can always come home to a good time and fun people, which is extremely important to me. Over the break, I spent the first couple of days working on my studio final! Now, I am home and enjoying life with my family. We went snowboarding over the break, and I couldn’t be more excited!”


We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and fall break like our bloggers! See you Monday refreshed from the break!

Until next time,