Pre-Finals Week Finals

The nice thing about Environmental Design is that we don’t have many finals during the campus-wide finals week.  The downside is that our finals for studio come a week early, and there is a bit of a time crunch to finish projects.  I always find myself returning from Thanksgiving break in a turkey daze, sluggish from a week of food, family, and fun.  The week after break is a rude awakening of ENVD finals preparation.   It takes  a lot of time and work to finalize models, drawings and other deliverables, which is why  there are a few  important things to keep in mind for  this week.

A little over a week after Thanksgiving break is a really short amount of time to finalize studio projects, and that’s why I suggest planning out your schedule and trying your best to stick to it.  Sometimes it seems inevitable that you’ll have to pull an all-nighter or two in ENVD but this is not the case if you manage your time the week before finals.  Don’t leave all of your projects to be done in the one or two days of the weekend or Sunday night.  Spread out your workload over the week by spending a couple of hours each day on building your model and drafting so you don’t have to stay up all night to finish.


Remember to always get a good night’s sleep the day before you present your studio final.  When presenting for finals it is never a good idea to pull an all-nighter the night before because you will be tired and out of it when you present to jury members.  Jury members are professional architects, planners, and other assorted designers who take time out of their day to see your projects, so bring your A-game by coming in fully rested.  If you don’t end up sleeping much before the day of your studio final, remember to at least have a nutritious breakfast to keep you energized. Show your respect for the jury members by wearing professional  clothes and coming prepared with what you want to present.

Last, but not least, have fun!  Review  week can be stressful but remember that the other ENVD students know what you’re going through, and they have your back.  Upholding an ENVD tradition, students groups have provided “Midnight Munchies” for those working in studio late at night this past weekend. Many students took advantage of the free food, while hanging out with their studio friends!  Also, Environmental Design Student Government(EDSG) will be hosting a holiday party known as Winter Fest at the end of ENVD finals week on Thursday December 8.  Be sure to look out for details about this event and plan to attend so you can celebrate  your hard work and performance during ENVD finals week!

Good luck my fellow designers!!