Dinner with a Designer

One of the perks of being a student in ENVD is getting to sit in on our 5:47 Lecture series. Every year there are lecturers from all different design disciplines and backgrounds that are invited to come speak to students, staff, and faculty about their work. These lectures cleverly titled, 5:47, are always held at this time and provide food and a chance for students to hear how professionals are using their talents with design in a unique way. This inspires many of our students and faculty to see what is up and coming in the design world and the multiples opportunities we have as design students.

A couple weeks ago I had the privilege of being one of twelve students that got to enjoy dinner with one of our 5:47 lecturers, Jenny Sabin. She spoke in the Visual Arts Complex on Tuesday, February 7 about Matrix Architecture. Her work focuses on the intersection between architecture and science and many of the forms she produces are based on various forms of science. Her work included products that were craft-based and digitally fabricated. It was inspiring to me to see new ways of approaching architecture in our increasingly technological world. More materials are being used in innovative ways to create functional and aesthetic works.


The next evening, Jenny was courteous enough to stay in town to attend a dinner with some ENVD students and faculty. Shawhin Roudbari, a faculty member of ENVD, had arranged for us all to meet at The Kitchen Next Door on Pearl St. This eatery turned out to be filled with great food and a fun atmosphere with live music playing in the background. It had a very comfortable, relaxed atmosphere where I was able to catch up with my classmates and past professors as well as engage in discussion with Jenny Sabin herself. She talked about her career as a professor and a working architect and the pros and cons of each as well as where her different projects are located.

It was a great evening getting to interact with students I don’t get to normally see and speaking with an esteemed designer. I would highly recommend, despite our busy ENVD schedules, making time to attend the 5:47 lecture series. The series are a great way to hear about projects going on around the country, while the dinners provide the opportunity to speak one on one with the lecturer about their work and receive career advice. I hope to see you all at the next lecture series…and possibly for dinner! Spots run out quickly so make sure you get on the list as soon as you can!

Until next time,