Meet Your New Bloggers!

To all the readers of Lost & Found – Guess What? We have new bloggers!!! So if you are tired from just hearing from those of us who wrote last semester, or if you’re looking for a new perspective, or you don’t care who writes the post so long as they are awesome (which of course they are) we have some new voices for you.

While each of our new bloggers will have an official biography on our contact page, I want to take some time here to welcome each of them, and tell you a bit more about them. Find out more below!


Dan Liu

Best Place: I will say Boulder because this is one of greatest spots of residence in the world. Even though most of the things here may not be the most advanced, Boulder has its own beauty such as amazingly natural scenery. However, nothing can hit my heart harder than Colorado people who are extremely kind and patient.

Favorite Building: Centre Georges Pompidou

Animal: I would definitely be my favorite animal, a cat, because no one can reject such a cute creature. Also, cats are living dreamy lives, being cute, eating and sleeping.

Superpower: I want to be capable of reading minds because I hope I can prevent terror attacks from happening in the world. If I can read minds, I will be able to know who is plotting a criminal activity and nip it in the bud. After all, my greatest will is the peace in the world.

Elizabeth Stagnaro


Best Place: The best place I have visited was the Dominican Republic. We traveled around the country for three weeks, and there was just so much beauty and culture in every city.. My favorite cities were Bayahibe, a town on the Caribbean Sea with white sand and crystal clear water, and a small mountain town we went to that had amazing waterfalls in the forest, which you had to go on horseback to find.

Favorite Building: My favorite building is Dancing House in Prague because it has such an organic shape and is so far from a rigid structure like most buildings.

Animal: I would want to be a bottle-nose dolphin because they are one of the smartest animals, and they use echolocation to communicate with other dolphins. Also, imagine how great it would be to just swim around the ocean everyday. 

Superpower:  If I could have a superpower, I would want to have The Three T’s: teleportation, telekinesis and telepathy. It would be great because I could transport myself anywhere. I could also control all objects with my mind, and I would know how and what people are feeling at all times. 

Erick Sherwood

Best Place: The best place I’ve been is Prague in the Czech Republic. The architecture and history was amazing! 

Favorite Building: My favorite building is the Guggenheim Museum in New York. It’s amazing to think how innovative it was for its time. 

Animal: I would be a giraffe because I’m already pretty used to being tall. 

Superpower:  I would want to be able to fly! It would help me get to class on time in the mornings. 

Jesus Banuelos-Rivera


Best Place: The top of a mountain. There are lots of trails to hike where I grew up (South Park, CO!), and nothing beats being on top of the world. You’re close to nature, and you can see for miles from the top of a mountain. 

Favorite Building: The Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C. Not only is it an amazing sight to behold, but it also has an amazing sight to behold. I went at night, so the reflection of Washington D.C. off the Potomac River was beautiful paired with the cherry blossom trees and the the sense of history at the site. 

Animal: A platypus. They are arguably the most unique and creative animal on the planet. They are the best of two worlds, practicality and imagination. They appreciate their moments of solitude. I feel these characteristics represent me in some ways.

Superpower: Charm Speaking/ Jedi Mind Tricks. You could always have your way. A benevolent leader with this power can bring about great good. Yet an evil leader can use it for great destruction. Thus, it is a power that must be used with great responsibility.

Sara Hutchinson
sara h.jpg

Best Place: I really love going up to my cabin up in the Rockies. My great grandparents bought 40 acres bordering Roosevelt National Forest and built a cabin on the land, and my whole family goes up, especially during the summer. It’s beautiful!

Favorite Building: The High Line Park in New York was what inspired me to go into Environmental Design, and specifically landscape architecture! It is such a neat park that works with the city in a great way.

Animal: I would be an otter, I think they seem like very happy animals who really appreciate their relationships with their fellow otters, and I like that mindset.

Superpower: I would have the power to change probability – for example, if I asked what the probability of me acing a test, I could change the probability to be 100%. Voila!

Sara Taketatsu


Best Place: Last summer I worked at Yosemite National Park, and it is by far one of the most breathtaking places in the United States. I was in Yosemite for 10 weeks, and I did not come close to scratching the surface of all there was to explore.

Favorite Building: The Crystal Palace is one of my favorite buildings because of how ahead of its time it was and its place in architectural history.

Animal: Without hesitation, I would be a cat. Who could say no to 16 hours of sleep everyday?

Superpower: Ability to control the weather. I would never get caught driving in a snow storm again!


So there you go! Welcome to all of our new bloggers, we are excited to have your voices joining us this semester and in the future!