Upper Division Academic Resource Fair: Transitioning Your Advising Foundation

Are you curious or even nervous about progressing into being an upper division student in Environmental Design, Environmental Studies, or Geography? Not to worry! The Advising Center for Excellence (ACE), located in the Environmental Design building on main campus, will be hosting an event to familiarize students with the transition from being a lower division student to an upper division student. This involves the movement from being a sophomore to a junior, a very important milestone in the college process. This is the time you will start to be thinking more about your major and degree from CU.

For ENVD students, the fair will take place on Tuesday March 7, from 11-12:30 P.M. For ENVS and GEOG students, the fair will occur on Thursday March 9, from 12-2 P.M. Both events will be hosted in the Environmental Design building in room 134.

Students will get to meet and converse with their new upper-division advisor, who will provide crucial advice in your final years as a college undergraduate. This event will also provide you with more specialized information in relation to your major and how it will shape your future. During your time with your lower division advisor, you have been equipped with the general knowledge needed to become familiar with your degree and your major. For example, by this point in your academic career, it is likely that you have become a pro at how to navigate academic resources such as MyCUInfo, MyCUHub, and the degree audit provided on these sites, thanks to the advice provided by your advisor (and from your own intuition, of course). Additionally, you likely now have a general overview of your current academic standing and your path within the major you are pursuing. However, it is now the appropriate time to delve deeper into the exact technicalities of your major, which would include starting to think about upper division courses such as your specialization requirements and internship opportunities.

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Shawn Arnold and Nate Jones, the two upper-division advisors, will be present at the event to discuss more in-depth topics related to your academic progression, including internships, study abroad, desired career outcomes in relation to your degree, and more. Specifically for ENVD students, you will discuss and gain insight into the four distinct tracks that exist within the design career, which will assist you with learning what specialization route you would like to take if you are currently unaware. ENVS and Geography students will get the chance to discuss specialization courses, their own emphasis as well as study abroad and internship options.

The advising staff strongly encourages you to attend the Upper Division Resource Fair so you can be as comfortable and well-informed as possible in your final years as an Environmental Design, Environmental Studies, or Geography major here at CU. Oh, and did I mention there will be free food? We hope to see you soon, and don’t forget to mark your calendars!

-Tejas Srikanth