Summer Course Registration

Thinking about taking summer courses at CU? Summer registration is here! Being able to take classes during the summer can be a great way to stay on track with your degree, explore options, or just enjoy taking one or two classes to create a less stressful time for you during the fall and spring semesters. Summer can also be a good time to add in a minor or certificate! A few key benefits of taking a summer course are the smaller class sizes and it will be easier to get into popular classes.

ENVS and ENVD offer many essential courses during the summer for students to either get ahead or catch up. For ENVD, the two major courses to consider are ENVD 1102 Design and Communication 2 and ENVD 1104 Introduction to Environmental Design Methods. This can be a great time for students who weren’t able to take this their second semester of freshman year. I have a few friends who took this course over the summer and though it was really fast-paced since it was shorter than a full semester, they were really glad they did because they weren’t behind on classes and were on track for graduation with the rest of the sophomore cohort. They also made new friends in the summer studio and the professors got to know their work styles better and help more with ess people in the class!

ENVS students can look into taking summer courses such as ENVS 1000 Introduction to Environmental Studies if they didn’t get a chance to take that during the previous fall and spring semesters. ENVD and ENVS students can also fulfill core requirements during the summer, so you can look into those classes that you need and see what is offered by “Search for Classes” on MyCUInfo. Also, you can check out the other requirements for ENVS on this search to see if any of your upcoming classes for your sequence will be offered! This would be really beneficial since there are so many requirements.


So… how do you enroll for summer classes? It is the exact same process as enrolling for fall or spring semester courses. You will have an enrollment date for when you personally can register for classes listed on MyCUInfo. Then, go to your MyCUInfo during that time period and go to “Register for Classes.” If you need help with this process, ACE Peer Advisors will be hosting a free session for registering for fall 2017 courses at the beginning of April, so look for those posters and announcements. You can also come visit the Peer Advisors in the main office of ENVD any weekday and we can help you!

For the summer, there are several different sessions. Here are the dates for 2017:

  • Maymester: May 15 – June 2
  • Session A: June 5 – July 7
  • Session B: July 11 – August 11
  • Julymester: July 11 – July 28
  • Session C: June 5 – July 28
  • Session D: June 5 – August 11
  • Augmester: August 7 – August 24

Having all these options allows you to find out what works for you and the classes that you want to take.

If you plan on staying in Boulder over the summer or don’t know what your plans are yet, you should definitely consider taking some courses! Plus, you will get to enjoy the beautiful Boulder atmosphere during the summer! 


For more info on summer studies at CU visit: