Apply to be a Peer Mentor!

Why should you apply to be in the Peer Mentor program in environmental design and environmental studies? The answer is simple, you gain an opportunity to connect and support a new student using the knowledge you gained thus far as a student at CU. Through this program, students are connected with an upper-classman who can answer the questions they have or advice on navigating the college experience.. Questions can be anything ranging from where their residence hall is to how something in photoshop works.

I have been a part of the peer mentor program in ENVD since my first year here at CU. I connected with my peer mentor, Freddie, almost immediately. He was able to help me with random questions about where a class was or how I was supposed to navigate the classroom experience  ENVD. After my personal success and enjoyment with the program, I applied to become a peer mentor my junior year . I really enjoyed helping mentor students to be successful in their first year and show them the community we are known for having in our program.I noticed that I was able to improve my own school work by helping them. If they asked a question it forced me to think critically about how to help them, whether by directly answering it or making them think about the problem.

kyle 3.1

The peer mentor program in ENVD and ENVS is a great way for upper division students to give back to the ENVD/ENVS community and help incoming students be successful in the program. If I had to summarize the peer mentor program, it would be that it is a beneficial program for both the peer mentor and mentee. As a peer mentor you are given the opportunity to take a course to be internationally certified as a mentor which is a great resume builder for extracurricular involvements. For students interested in applying to be a mentor for the 2017-1018 school year the application will be available through the following link next week.