The Luck of the Buffs

Leprechauns, pots of gold, parties, and lots and lots of green.  This is what most people have in mind for St. Patrick’s Day.  In and around Boulder, it is safe to assume there are numerous events and activities to partake in for St. Patrick’s Day, one in particular is St. Baldrick’s Day.  

WhIMG_6711at is St. Baldrick’s you ask??  Well, every year around St. Patrick’s Day the St. Baldrick’s Foundation holds events around the country where people can shave their heads in solidarity with people who have gone through chemo therapy and lost their hair.  The main goal of the St. Baldrick’s Foundation is to raise money and awareness for childhood cancer research because every child deserves the chance to grow up and experience life.  Every March, students of CU and people from the surrounding community have the opportunity to sign up as “shavees” and shave their heads at the UMC Fountains.  


Last year between classes, I was walking through the UMC and witnessed people partaking in this selfless act; something sparked in me.  I decided to grow my hair from that point on so it would be long enough to donate and be made into a wig for someone with cancer.  In the process of becoming a St. Baldrick’s “Shavee,” I also raised a little over $400 for childhood cancer research.  Overall, CU shavees raised about $15,ooo for this year’s event!  On March 15th, I took the leap and made the big cut (well, shave).  

TIMG_7291his experience has been humbling and eye-opening. Myself and the other shavees get the chance to choose to be bald, but people with cancer don’t get the freedom of choice.  As a CU student, I am provided with endless opportunities, and I think every child deserves the chance to succeed and follow their dreams, as well.

If you don’t feel brave enough to shave your head, there are always opportunities to volunteer and donate.  To find more information, check out the St. Baldrick’s website:


Other St. Patrick’s Day activities in and around Boulder include:

  • World’s Shortest St. Patrick’s Day Parade
    • Conor Oneill’s Irish Pub in Boulder
    • March 12; 12-7pm
  • Richard O’Brian’s Rocky Horror Show
  • St. Patrick’s Day at the World Famous Dark Horse
    • Enjoy traditional Irish corned beef and cabbage!
    • March 17-18
  • St. Patrick’s Day Celebration
    • Celebrate St. Patty’s Day with traditional art, dancing, and music
    • Longmont Museum and Cultural Center
    • March 17; 6-9pm

Enjoy your day today Buffs! Thanks for your generosity!