Where Are They Now?

We recently posed questions to a few alumni who graduated from ENVD and ENVS. We asked them about their program, where they are now, as well as their career advice, and here’s what they had to say!



1) What are you doing now and how did ENVS help you get there? 

I am the Community Food Systems Policy Director at Cultivando. Through the ENVS program, I was able to specify the classes I wanted to take to my primary interest. I was able to work on an independent project and take internships that were directly applicable to sustainable food systems. Some of the projects that I worked on in my 3020 writing class, I am still working on today. I would not have had these opportunities without the current ENVS program structure.

2) What do you miss most about ENVS?

I miss the academic environment. Having the opportunity to take classes specific to my interests and be surrounded by folks who are inspired and working on projects is something unparalleled in non-academic life.

3) Do you have any general career advice?

Take your time. Don’t lose sight of what you are most passionate about. Your career job may not be the most apparent in the coming months after you graduate, but the opportunities are out there. Don’t stop looking, don’t give up.

Brandon Byrd


1) What are you doing now and how did ENVD help you get there?

I’m currently an Architectural Intern for OZ Architecture, a native and growing firm in Denver. I work in the Senior Living practice area designing Assisted Living, Memory Care buildings and Post Acute facilities. Our team works with Multi-Family as well. ENVD shaped me into a well-rounded designer and allowed me to gain experience from instructors who continue to practice and bring field knowledge back to their students. The design process I learned from every project while attending ENVD allowed me to translate my ideas in a confident and professional manner.

2) What do you miss most about ENVD?

I miss many things about ENVD: the staff, instructors, and some classes (not Physics)! ENVD was home to me. I believe I spent more time there than I did in my own apartment. I felt unbounded and free to design and throw ideas out there. I say that because now everything moves 100mph. It was a luxury and very beneficial.

3) Do you have any general career advice?

The general career advice I offer to those willing to listen is don’t take your studios for granted, keep all of your books (especially Ching), and try to get some construction experience. In the beginning, production is all about finishing tasks in a timely manner; and a person who knows the basics of putting a building (detail drawings) together early in their career will get by pretty well. Last but not least, always practice confidence in yourself and your work.


Brendan Hurley.jpeg


1) What are you doing now and how did ENVD help you get there?

Currently, I’m a Masters of City Planning student at UC Berkeley and an urban design intern for the City of San Francisco Port. ENVD helped give me a solid foundation of city planning and design principles, along with great support from faculty mentors.

2) What do you miss most about ENVD?

I probably miss my friends and design studios the most. Studios are a great way to connect to friends and faculty alike.

3) Do you have any general career advice?

Get to know faculty members, as they can help you tremendously throughout your career. Also, establish what your professional interests are while in school so you know what kinds of opportunities to look for after graduation.

Hope you found this helpful and inspiring.

-Sara Taketatsu