Admitted Student’s Day

Previously, I wrote a blog about the “The Five W’s of Picking a School”. In this, I talked about the general reason to apply for a school and pick a university. However, as Admitted Students Day and graduation approaches, it’s that time to actually make a decision on which school is the right fit for you. So why choose CU and a specific program at CU? I decided to ask some of my fellow Environmental Design (ENVD) and Environmental Studies (ENVS) buffs why they chose the program that they did.

“I joined the ENVS program because I was very pleased to find a major that helps prepare students to make a significant impact in the real world in relation to the environment. Despite its occasional challenges, I could not be happier with picking this major.” – Tejas Srikanth, Junior, ENVS

“Environmentalism is becoming an ever heated topic the world over (i don’t understand this sentence lol). I feel architects need to be more conscious of the buildings and environments they create. Through ENVD I am gaining and learning the knowledge to recognize these problems and hope to build more sustainable and better (better what?) for the world.” – Karen Ruszkowski, Senior, ENVD

“Being an architect has always been the dream since I was a little kid. I knew that CU was where I wanted to go to school, so I focused on getting there. I discovered ENVD and absolutely fell in love. The idea of learning multiple disciplines and working with so many great people in class every day sounded amazing, and it is.” – Kyle Kapaun, Senior, ENVD

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“Environmental Design is possibly one of the best majors out there. ENVD fosters creativity while preparing students for real world jobs. There isn’t any “busy work”, every assignment is built upon and necessary to the end product. There is never a dull moment in ENVD.” – Madden Kuljis, Junior, ENVD

“I have always loved being creative, and I am also passionate about helping the environment so the Program in Environmental Design is the perfect way to combine these two interests.” – Winter Roybal, Sophomore, ENVD

“I always knew I wanted to be a designer, but I never knew what I wanted to design. I attended a  CU Student for a Day and toured the ENVD building.   I fell in love with everything about the program. From exposure to all of the specializations , to tight sense of community,  ENVD and CU Boulder won me over.” – Elizabeth Stagnaro, Freshman, ENVD

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“After falling in love with the campus, I chose ENVD because of the unique opportunities it had compared to other programs. We have the opportunity to learn more than just one discipline of design. For me, it has been my lifelong dream to be a designer of the built environment, and ENVD was the best fit.”            – Jesus Banuelos-Rivera, Freshman, ENVD

“Like most of the people, I thought ENVD was a program that emphasized environmental issues a lot. Given that nowadays for Chinese construction the most important thing is not fancy design but functionality, I decided to come here and learn more passive design strategies.” – Dan Liu, Sophomore, ENVD

“I chose the ENVD program because it covers multiple different fields of design. When applying to colleges, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to be an architect, a landscape architect, or an urban planner. ENVD has allowed me to try each field to help me determine which path is right for me.” – Erick Gudvangen Sherwood, Sophomore, ENVD

“I chose ENVS because I have always been passionate about the environment and outdoor recreation. Not long before coming to college, I went on a 3 week backpacking trip where we not only experienced the incredible Colorado and Utah outdoors, but also learned about what was harming the landscape. It became very clear that there was nothing more I would enjoy doing with my life than working to protect the environment that I and many others enjoy so much, so that people can continue to enjoy it for generations.”  – Will Downie, Junior, ENVS
Like manScreen Shot 2016-07-07 at 3.33.26 PMy of my fellow students, I chose CU because the Program in Environmental Design was the perfect program for me! It allowed for me to study architecture while also allowing me to explore design as a practice. (For more see Why I Chose CU Boulder: Kyra Traxler). While we know that the college search process can be exhausting and we have all gone through it, we hope that you find a university or college that suits your passion and excitement. For us, that was CU and we hope to see you here this upcoming fall!