ENVD Gala 2017

The air was tinged with excitement as girls in beautiful dresses and guys in their best suits wandered through the St. Julien. Smiles were on everyone’s faces as they chatted over dinner and dessert. This was the atmosphere of the third annual Environmental Design Gala of 2017.

I was so glad to see so many ENVD students at the Gala last Friday night! It is one of my favorite events ENVD hosts throughout the year. I love getting to be with the ENVD community and mingling with students, staff, and faculty that I might not typically get to see during class. I can’t speak for everyone, but it was a night I will never forget.

Winter Roybal and I enjoying the nice weather and taking advantage of the backdrop the Flatirons created.

For those of you who missed out on the Gala, I strongly encourage you to join us next year. This is the largest annual event ENVD hosts to honor and appreciate the hard-working students in ENVD. This is a celebration of who we are as ENVD and how proud we are to be a part of such an amazing program and community.

The ENVD Gala ticket sales went to support an ENVD Student Emergency Fund, which will help students if they are facing extenuating life circumstances and financial challenges..

This year the Gala was held at the St. Julien where lamb and sweet potatoes were cooked to perfection and a chocolate fountain was a great way to end the night. This year, there was a photo booth, a DJ, as well as a silent auction put on by DWB. The auction featured high quality artwork donated by ENVD students, which included beautiful paintings, photography, pottery and other unique art pieces.  For me, the highlight of the night was getting to watch my fellow ENVD students, staff, and faculty be honored with awards for their achievements. Scholarship recipients were called to the stage, and students groups, EDSG, AIAS, SALA, and DWB, were recognized for their hard work over the past year. The student groups also announced their new board members for 2017-2018.  Shawhin Roudbari, Betsy Johnson, and Tim McGinty were given a special DWB Inclusive Excellence Faculty award for their passion and commitment to the students of ENVD.. John Lanterman was honored for his influence and commitment to ENVD as a beloved faculty member as he retires this spring. There was a surprise Award of Gratitude for Selfless Devotion in Environmental Design, which was given to Peggy Gordon. The students wanted to honor her for her dedication to students and for the hard work she puts in to keep ENVD running. It was wonderful to see so many of my peers and staff/faculty get rewarded for all their hard work and love for ENVD.

After this Gala, I am already excited for the next one! It was a night I won’t soon forget! If you missed out for any reason this year, make sure to add it to your calendar next year! It was great seeing everyone, and I can’t wait to celebrate with you next year!

-Until next time,