Making the Most of Your First Week of Classes

Well, you finally made it! You spent years taking that classic first day of elementary school picture to humor your family. You made it through awkward middle school socials, and you are starting to realize that high school went by way too fast. Then, you packed up your life, flew, drove, bussed, or rode your horse to Boulder and ended up sitting in traffic for almost as long as it took to see the eclipse. Once you arrived, your bags were tossed into your dorm room, and you were face-to-face with a complete stranger who would now become your roommate for the next year- welcome to college! It may feel abrupt at first but it’s going to be a blast!  

You’ve been waiting forever to have more freedom and to live the college lifestyle, and that day has finally come! The first day of school always brings-up feelings of excitement, nerves, and this time, maybe a little bit of homesickness.

As you know by now, first days of school seem to pass in a haze and start to blend together. I am a senior now, but can clearly remember my very first day of college, the wonder of such a large campus and the excitement for class


es and seemingly endless events to attend. Even though that day might seem like a whirlwind and might not be a day you remember for the rest of your life, I encourage you not to take it for granted.

Coming from a senior, here are a couple of tips I would give to all of you to savor your first day at CU Boulder and to get your freshman year off to a great start!

  1. Enjoy the weather, the Flatirons, and the Colorado blue sky. This was one of my favorite parts of living on campus and something that got me up in the morning for those 8 AM’s. As the years pass, you still appreciate the snow covered mountains and yellow aspens, but you start to get used to the beautiful environment around you. See it as a small gift every day because one day, you might be waking up to city bustle, or rolling fields and miss the Boulder views.
  2. Appreciate your first week of classes. The first class is usually a syllabus review day, and it to be one of the easiest days of the semester. It’s a great chance to start meeting your classmates and to become familiar with class expectations. Even though it might be hard to get back to school after summer, remember that classes only get harder from here.
  3. Get Involved. You probably hear this everywhere or see it on all of the Boulder signs, and it is true! One of the best ways to make your college experience truly yours is to start putting your roots down in clubs and other student groups. I have met so many of my friends in students groups, and there are an endless number of clubs that cater to all interests. Check out the multitude of posters on campus that will inform you of all of the different clubs and also, look down and follow the chalk! The CU Student Involvement Fair will take place Wednesday, August 30th, 2-6pm in the Norlin Quad. More than 400 student organizations are invited to showcase their involvement opportunities at this fair.
  4. Take advantage of all the free food. People will be offering you free food all of the time at CU, and especially during the first week of school. Be on the lookout for coupon books, deals, and sweet treats throughout the day!
  5. Get to know your faculty, staff, and other resources within your major. The Advising Center for Excellence (ACE) will be having drop-in hours the first two weeks of school, and Peer Advisors will be up in the front office to help you from 10AM – 5PM. Faculty and staff are great people to get to know throughout your time in college and can help you connect with internships and jobs opportunities as well as, just be there to support you in all of your goals during your time at CU Boulder.

Remember to soak it all in because these “first” days always go by way too fast.

Until next time,