ENVD Student for a Day

Here’s a question for you, did you know that future students can shadow ENVD student ambassadors for a day to see what it’s like to be a student? The program is called “ENVD Student for a Day” and honestly, it’s a ton of fun. The ENVD Student Ambassadors crew is made of up current upperclassman students who are excited about our design program. Their role consists of  providing daily tours and assist  at campus recruitment events such as Admitted Students Day and Freshman Orientation. For our future students who participate in ENVD Student for  a Day, the schedule usually looks something like this:

10:15am – 5:00pm

Future student meets with an Environmental Design Academic Advisor to discuss their interests

Making sure ENVD is the right fit is important, that’s why the day starts off with talking to an Academic Advisor about what an education at ENVD might look like. They also have some awesome pamphlets about programs in ENVD, study abroad, campus resources, and more!

Tour of the ENVD Building

A Student Ambassador will give a tour of the ENVD building giving an inside look into the studio spaces, Digital Media Center, computer lab, and the SPACE.

Lunch at the award-winning dining center located in CU’s Center for Community (C4C)

Arguably the best part of the day, grabbing lunch at the C4C means a huge variety of food. There are 10 micro-restaurants: Asian Shi Pin, Black Coats, Desserts, Italian Cibo, Latin Comida, Persian Ghaza, Smoke ‘n Grill, Sushi, Wholesome Fields, and Kosher.

Tour the Center for Innovation & Creativity (CINC)

The CINC houses ENVD’s state-of-the-art wood lab, metal lab, laser cutting machines, 3-axis CNC routers and a high-end CPU lab. Future students learn how to use the laser cutting machine and will make their own 3D laser cut CU buffalo to take home (let’s be real here, how cool is that?!).

Sit in on an Environmental Design studio class

After exploring campus it’s time to get down to business and see what studio is all about. Studios are small classes, usually 15 – 18 students, so it’s a good chance to talk to a studio instructor and meet other current students.

Student for a Day 1

The full day experience is great for anyone who wants to see first-hand what the Program in Environmental Design is all about and how it differs from other design programs. Whether future students are already set on attending the Program in Environmental Design or still don’t know where they want to go to college, ENVD Student for a Day is a great resource to utilize  while making the transition from “future student” to “current student”.

For more information or to sign up, click here to go to the ENVD website.

-Sara Taketatsu

ENVD Student Ambassador