SEEC Garden Ribbon Cutting!

This past Wednesday, October 4, CU Boulder’s East Campus cut the ribbon to welcome the public to its new Permaculture Garden. The garden is filled with a variety of perennials and edible annuals. The purpose of this garden is to serve as a spot where nature could be restored, as well as yield food for individuals on East Campus! The founders of the garden plan that it will provide much of the food served at the SEEC Cafe. Collaboration for Local Solutions worked with volunteers around the community, as well as students at University of Colorado to design such a pretty, yet highly sustainable garden!

IMG_0236At the event, guests learned the process behind creating a community garden, as well as how to care for and support the garden. Guests even had the chance to participate in planting a tree for the garden!


I would highly recommend checking out the garden, whether you like to relax and enjoy the nature, or learn. There is a lot of potential for learning opportunities for individuals interested in sustainable gardening or any kind of gardening practices. Environmental Studies and Environmental Design students could learn a lot from the garden as well, as Collaboration for Local Solutions devoted a much time and effort into perfecting the design. We hope to see you at the garden!