2nd Annual Graduate School Fair

Students flooded the lobby in anticipation for the 2nd annual Graduate School Fair held in ENVD 134. During this fair there were schools as local as Boulder and as far away as Oregon. Although the free pizza might have enticed students in, the amazing graduate schools are what made them stay.


There were representatives from the fields of Geography and Environmental Studies as well as Environmental Design. Our CSU rivals were promoting their Department of Forest and Rangeland Stewardship for ENVS students, while the University of Colorado Denver promoted their Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences.


Tables were set up with enticing cards and brochures about the various graduate programs the schools offered. After students had grabbed a slice of pizza, they quickly began mingling with the graduate schools. Although, I personally, have been on the fence about graduate school, there were amazing projects on display that got me excited about my future prospects in the environment and design fields.

I was also surprised to discover the variety of degrees and certificates the colleges offered. Many schools were showcasing their esteemed architecture, landscape architecture, or planning masters programs, but I discovered that many also offered classes in historical preservation, environmental management, and environmental planning. There was a graduate program for everyone in ENVD, ENVS, and Geography, and the representatives from the different colleges were excited to answer any questions our students might have.


I hope many of you were able to stop by and visit with the graduate school representatives, but don’t worry if you missed out! Our advisor Nate Jones is great at advising students with their future pursuits and would be happy to meet with anyone regarding their next steps!

Be sure to check out these graduate school websites on your own as well!


University of Arizona

University of Idaho

Colorado State University

University of Colorado Boulder

University of Colorado Denver

Western State Colorado University

University of New Mexico

University of Oregon

Utah State University


Until next time,


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