A Taste of Design: The Environmental Design Sampler

On Saturday, October 21, the Program in Environmental Design held its largest fall recruitment event, the Environmental Design Sampler. ENVD Student Ambassadors arrived bright and early to prepare for 36 prospective students and their families, who would arrive from all over the United States.

sampler 2

The day began with a sample lecture by instructor Seth Wilberding on the Highline project in New York City and some delicious bagels and coffee. The students were then led into a sketching workshop by Assistant Professor Danielle Rivera. As a student ambassador, I I had the chance to participate in this activity, and it was incredibly insightful to learn about the significance of sketching in all specializations of Environmental Design, while also exploring different techniques for sketching.  Kevin Krizek, ENVD program director, also dropped in to speak with  prospective students and answer questions.  

The remainder of the day consisted of a comprehensive tour of the Environmental Design building and all of its resources, including studio spaces and a gallery of student projects. A representative from CU Admissions department also gave a presentation on the admissions and application process for CU Boulder.  

sampler 3.jpg

The final activity of the ENVD Sampler was a design competition, which was led by Instructor Jeremy Ehly. The first portion of this activity was building a structure out of pasta noodles and marshmallows. This competition teaches students about working as a team,how to navigate systems and structures and how to go about the design process. Prospective students also learned about the design process by creating iterations of a design concept out of pipe cleaners, clay, popsicles sticks and chipboard. Their final product was the creation of a chair designed specifically for a famous architect.

sampler 4.jpg

The Environmental Design Sampler is one the best events that a prospective student can attend if they are interested in pursuing a design education at the university level. The sampler allows students to gain a deeper insight into what classes are like at the Program in Environmental Design, and the types of concepts they will learn if they choose to apply to our program. For any prospective students out there that are interested in design, we hope to see you at our design sampler next year!