Sandwiches n’ Schedules

On Tuesday, November 7th and Wednesday, November 9th, ACE Peer Advising will be hosting our highly anticipated Sandwiches and Schedules event! These two evenings are designed to help students in ENVD, ENVS and Geography craft their individual schedules for the spring semester with the assistance of Peer Advisors and the academic advisors for all three programs.

The event starts at 5 with the sandwiches part of the evening. Jimmy John’s will be guest starring to provide a choice selection of sandwiches to assist you in your scheduling endeavors.

Next up, we will have a short introduction to the event, and then students will be broken up into their various majors,Environmental Studies, Environmental Design, and Geography! Peer Advisors will give more specialized presentations for each major, focusing on the nuances of the three subjects and helping students get a better idea of what classes to pick for next semester in order to set themselves up for success!

The time after presentations is reserved for students to begin – or continue – looking through their course options for the spring, and Peer Advisors will be available to answer any questions you have. Lastly, the students can get their newly-built schedule approved by our advising team before leaving for the evening!

We hope to see you there!