Starting Out Strong in the Spring 2018 Semester

Welcome back to CU all! First off, congratulations on getting through the fall 2017 semester, which Im sure you are relieved to have finished. I hope that everyones winter break was as restful as mine and that you are prepared to take on the spring 2018 semester.

However, if you are anything like me, then you would agree that getting out of bed on the first day of classes on Tuesday was one of the more difficult things youve done this year so far. At the very second my alarm sounded to wake me up for my first 8AM of the year, I began to reminisce about all of the days over winter break where I could get 12-14 hours of sleep without any regrets. However, as we all know, this stress-free period cant last forever, especially because the spring 2018 semester here at CU is now in full swing. Although it may feel like summer break cannot come soon enough, every semester flies by even quicker than the previous one, so stay optimistic.

One common theme that I have learned over my five completed semesters at CU is that for most people (including myself), it is completely normal to feel out-of-touch or even a little lethargic for the first week of classes (or the first three weeks in my experiences). If you feel the same way, it is absolutely fine, do not stress! It is only after getting comfortable and familiar with your new classes that the ball will start to roll again. Before you know it, you will be back on your game and be ready to start strong in the first portion of the semester.

Since you already have at least one semester of practice under your belt (except in the case that you are a new transfer student), there is a good chance that you will be more prepared with the knowledge and experience that you need to make this semester progress more seamlessly than past semesters. However, I will still provide a couple small tips that will hopefully make spring 2018 one of your best semesters yet.


  1. Stay organized. This aspect of the academic process is often overlooked, and I can certainly be guilty of being disorganized at times. Even though all of your syllabi will likely contain a course schedule for the entire semester, I highly recommend condensing all of these into one planner, whether by hand or on a computer calendar. This will ensure that you are studying and turning in all assignments on time, and it will be extremely helpful in the case that you have a job or other activities outside of school that you also want to balance.
  2. Keep that sleep schedule on point and dont forget to eat! The main reason why I always have trouble focusing during the first couple of weeks of a new semester is because I dont sleep enough and dont set up enough time in between classes to eat, because I am adjusting to a new class and work schedule. Although this seems like an incredibly obvious thing to keep it mind, classes can get hectic, and we often forget our most important needs.
  3. Make time for non-school related activities. Whether this is joining academic clubs, playing an intramural sport on campus, or simply hanging out with friends, this is one of the most important things you can do to start this semester off strong. We all know how important our education is, but taking time off from school will help you in the long run since it will help you decompress and make the semester overall more enjoyable.



The Advising Center for Excellence(ACE) welcomes you back to CU and wishes you the best of luck with your endeavors this semester!