Nate Jones

Academic Advising Coordinator

ENVD/ENVS/GEOG Advisor (Third and fourth year students)

Internships and Alumni Relations Coordinator

Hometown: Philadelphia, PA

Alma Mater and Degree: City University of New York, Cultural Anthropology

Hobbies: I love music, I love live music and love to write about live music I love (so, I write for a music blog sometimes, but I don’t have much time, so I really shouldn’t be writing about music at all).

Favorite artist: literally hundreds of indy rock and metal artists, but right at this moment, I feel passionate love for Blood Orange’s new album Freetown Sound, and James Blake is always cool.

Movie: My favorite movie of all time is a crazy stupid flick from the 80s that everyone hates but me called Streets of Fire – don’t watch it, or else!!!

Favorite place to eat in Boulder: The cost of eating in Boulder is a little out of my league, but I have eaten at Snarf Burger a few times. Otherwise, you’ll find me hanging out at the C4C for lunch (is this an overshare?)

One interesting fact about you: I spent a whole winter in Siberia (and loved it!)

What is your favorite part about being an academic advisor: Supporting students as they chase their interests and passions.

Favorite quote: Wir in Dragoon machen zwar nicht das Wetter, aber ein verdammt gutes Bier.” Translation: “Those of us who live in the German town by the name of Dragoon do not create the weather, but we do make a damn fine beer.”