Sheryl Koutsis

Academic Advising Unit Manager for ACE

Hometown: Colorado Springs and Bad Kreuznach, Germany

Alma Mater and Degree: BS-news editorial (Univ of Colorado Boulder), MA-cultural studies (The New School, NYC), EdD (Univ of Colo Denver)

Hobbies: Designing & sewing costumes, homesteading, yoga, watching horror flicks, selling my children’s stuff

Favorite movie: Evil Dead

Favorite place to eat in DENVER: Sushi Train (but in Boulder it’s The Taj – all you can eat Indian buffet)

One interesting fact about you: Auditioned to be on a reality television show as the “angry Asian girl”.

What is your favorite part about being an academic advisor: Watching a student’s growth (in terms of confidence and leadership) from a first year student to a graduating senior (and maybe, hopefully, being a positive part of their experience in this program).

Favorite quote: “The unexamined life is not worth living.” -Socrates