Erick Gudvangen-Sherwood

Hometown: Highlands Ranch, CO

Student Involvement: ENVD Student Ambassador

Hobbies/Extracurriculars: Aside from ENVD, I am really involved in the CU Student Government. Additionally, I like to hike, bike, and pretend I’m good at photography.

Favorite TV Show: I can’t decide on my favorite movie, but The West Wing is without a doubt my favorite show.

Favorite place to eat in Boulder: My favorite place in Boulder is Oak!

One interesting fact about you: In addition to design, I’m super interested in politics. I’m currently getting a minor in political science!  

Favorite part of ENVD: My favorite part of ENVD is the community and collaboration. Everyone is always willing to help, and I feel as though I’m lucky to learn so much from both my professors and peers.

Favorite Quote: “If you’re walking down the right path and you’re willing to keep walking, eventually you’ll make progress.” – Barack Obama