Program in Environmental Design

Environmental Design aims to give students a broad understanding of various fields within design, concentrating on aspects of sustainability, environment, and how to effectively design for the world around us. Students grow to appreciate the complexity of design and how it infiltrates into a vast number of disciplines.

ENVD allows students to major in four different tracks within their degree. They are Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Planning, or Design Studies.


Architecture focuses on small-scale built structures within the environment.Students will learn the design process for buildings and be well-prepared to receive their master’s degree and become a licensed architect. This major requires physics and calculus and emphasizes on model-making and a solid understanding of structure and materials.

Landscape Architecture

Landscape architecture focuses on a medium-scale and designing for the area around a built structure as well as for parks or other large open areas. Students gain a thorough understanding of topography and how external environmental factors affect a site. Courses specialize in vegetation, landscape manipulation, and how to design for a changing world.


Planning focuses on the largest scale understanding the complexity of urban city design and how to design for the city. Students work with GIS (Geographic Information Systems) and deciphering policy to create thriving cities and understand the multiple systems that are involved in the making of a good city.

Design Studies

Design studies allows students to explore their interests within the design field and really focus in on certain aspects of design they may be interested in during a later career. Students get a basic understanding of the other disciplines, but emphasize in a different field of interest in their later later years. Popular design studies options are graphic design, digital fabrication, production design and multiple others that focus on a specific branch of design.

ENVD prepares students for careers in (but not limited to):
  • architecture
  • landscape architecture
  • urban design/planning
  • graphic design
  • industrial design
  • other related fields of design