Program in Environmental Studies

The CU environmental studies major has allowed me to develop systems thinking skills reinforced with an understanding of the socioeconomic, political, and ecological components of environmental problems. The community, curriculum, events, and the support given for leadership development have prepared me to take effective action in shaping a sustainable future.” 

Matthew Ribarich, ENVS 2014

ENVS is dedicated towards facilitating interdisciplinary collaboration in environment and sustainability. Our major trains students in the cause, scale, and remediation strategies of major environmental problems both locally and worldwide.

Students should be expecting to take introductory level courses in biology, physics or chemistry, and earth science allowing them to have a well-rounded understanding of the various sciences. ENVS course requirements overlap with some of the Arts and Sciences (A&S) core requirements, but throughout your time at CU you will be expected to complete credits in Historical Context, Human Diversity, and U.S. Context. Junior and Senior year you will be taking multiple ENVS specialization courses that allow you to cover diverse fields from geography, biology, and atmospheric and oceanic sciences.

ENVS prepares students for careers in (but not limited to):

  • environmental engineering
  • urban planning
  • environmental consulting
  • national park services
  • environmental law
  • sustainable development