Peer Advisors

Meet our 2016-2017 Peer Advisors! They are undergraduate students that are dedicated to helping primarily first year students through their questions regarding registration, understanding different advising platforms, and basic course scheduling. We want to help you succeed throughout your time here at CU and are here to assist you in a smooth transition to college.


Elyse Skinner, Lead Peer Advisor

Hometown: Littleton, CO


Becca Randolph, ACE Peer Advisor

Hometown: South Fork, Colorado


Tejas Srikanth, ACE Peer Advisor

Hometown: Marion, Indiana


William Downie, ACE Peer Advisor

Hometown: Fairfield, CT


Yvonne Krumrey, ACE Peer Advisor

Hometown: St. Louis, MO


Tai Koester, ACE Peer Advisor

Hometown: Boulder, CO